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Covering You Comes First!

A Systematic Solution for Success 

For a majority of businesses, the largest portion of their business insurance costs is attributed to Workers Compensation Insurance.  Despite this, many businesses do not have a detailed plan to control Workers Compensation costs, or their plan isn't specific with a method to measure results.  The first step to controlling your Workers Compensation costs is to work with an insurance agency that has the knowledge, experience and a systematic solution for success. 

Results In 4 Powerful Steps! 

Our 4 step process skillfully customizes the "Six Advanced Systems for Lowering Workers Comp Costs"  to your specific business model. Every business is unique and deserves a plan that factors in your current circumstances. Here are your  4 steps for taking control.

  1. Assess: We identify what drives your workers compensation insurance costs and target important opportunities for advancement.
  2. Advance: Present you with a savings target and a systematic plan for achieving it.
  3. Implement:  We help drive your time line for success. 
  4. Optimize: We help measure your progress and optomize the plan to experience. 

3 Questions You Need To Answer  

  1. What is the best (lowest) possible Experience Modification Factor (E-Mod) your business can achieve?
  2. What is the annual cost savings to your company if you can change your current Experience Mod to your best possible Experience Mod?
  3. What is your plan to achieve your best possible Experience Modification Factor?

The CoverraComp System gives you the answer to all 3 questions so you have a clear understanding of the potential savings and what steps you need to take to achieve them. 

If you are interested in taking control of your Workers Compensation Insurance costs and would like to know more about how CoverraComp can help you, please contact one of our consultants or complete the form at the lower right corner of this page and one will contact you.

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