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Ride sharing

Thinking of Ride-Sharing or Using A Transportation Network Company?

Are you using Uber, Lyft, an app for another ride sharing network company?

Proceed with caution. Many consumers are looking for a taxi/public transportation alternative today. You may want the convenience and economical savings from Ride-Sharing services and searching the Internet you may have found a few transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber®, Lyft® or Sidecar®. Before you decide to participate in Ride-Sharing as either a driver or rider, you should be aware of potential gaps in insurance coverage when using your personal vehicle for these ventures.

Is Ride-Sharing Safe?

Another consideration, often passed over, is your personal safety. You need to know the person with whom you are sharing a ride. The TNC industry has grown so quickly and is not without the attraction of criminal or violent acts. Aside from these dangers, you must also consider other potential dangerous situations. For instance, if the driver has been drinking or is under the influence of a drug. While the TNC companies are working to comply with background checks and insurance issues, your personal safety is one of the issues we want you to be aware of when thinking of Ride-Sharing.

Regular Personal Auto Insurance Policies Exclude Ride-Sharing and Leave You With a Need For Coverage

Coverage limitations concerning Ride-Sharing have been in the policies since long before Ride-Sharing or transportation network companies ever existed, but very few people had a need to pay attention to the limitation, until now. For instance, one insurer has provided a Warning About Ride-Sharing and Transportation Network Companies. If you have any questions or concerns, we urge you to contact us.

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